Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Save The Last Dance 4 Me

030407 (1736)
Eugene's "My Dream" ringtone

Nokia (tempo 125)
8a1 4a1 4a2 4.a2 8d2 4.#c2 8d2 2.a2 8d2 8#f2 8a2 4#c3 8d3 4b2 4#c3 2a2 8- 8d2 8#c2 8d2 4#c3 8b2 4.a2 8g2 4.a2 8b2 4.d2 8e2 8#f2 4b2 8#f2 4.e2 8d2 2e2 4#c2 4b1 4a1 8a1 4.a2 8d2 4#c2 2a2 8d2 8#f2 8a2 4#c3 8d3 4b2 4#c3 2a2 4- 8#f2 4#a2 8b2 4.#c3 8#f2 1d3 4- 2.d2 8a1 8d2 8e2 8#f2 4.e2 8d2 2d2

68 69 6* (6) 28 (1)#9 28 (6)99 288 4# 6 1#*9 28 7**9 1#* 6**9 088 288 1# 2 1#*9 7**8 (6)9 58 (6)9 78 (2)9 38 4# 79 4#8 (3)9 28 399 1#8 7** 6 68 (6)*9 28 1#9 69 288 4# 6 1#*9 28 7**9 1#* 6**9 08 4#88 6#9 78 (1)#*9 4#**8 2*999 088 (2)**8 6**88 2* 3 4# (3)9 28 299

(credit to LovelyGirl at soompi)

2days ago finished watch this drama.. same actor who act in All In beside Song Hye Kyo.. in this drama he look more cute.. ehhehe.. but can't compare with my Junki la.. (hhahhaha.. :p)

Hyeon-woo... is the son of the chairman of a big corporation, Global Group. However, against his father's expectations, Hyeon-woo prefers to live the lifestyle as a photography student. He dislikes his father a lot. Hyeon-woo was brought up in a strict environment and did whatever his father told him to do. When he finally found something (photography) that he liked, his father ordered him to make a good image for himself so that he can take over the firm in the future.

He rebels against his father's wishes at a dinner table with his fiancee to be, Soo-jin, her parents, and Hyeon-woo's parents. He embarasses his father by asking Soo-jin's parents that would they accept a son-in-law that has no interest in taking over his father's firm, but being a photographer. Soo-jin's parents wanted to tie the knot between Soo-jin and Hyeon-woo mainly because of the support Soo-jin's family and Hyeon-woo's family would give each other. Soo-jin's father is a shareholder of Hyeon-woo's company.

Eun-soo... is left with the memoryless Hyeon-woo whom she names Chang-ho since he doesn't even remember his name. A year has passed since the incident and Hyeon-woo starts to adapt to his new life. His memory still hasn't come back, but he enjoys being with Eun-soo and her father at the Dreaming Forest. He and Eun-soo get along real well, playing jokes on each other and all.

However, a man pays a visit and tries to convince Eun-soo's father to sell the house so that the contracting company can set up their ground on top of the land in which the house was built on. However, Eun-soo had made a promise with her deceased mother that she wouldn't sell the house no matter what. Eun-soo and Chang-ho start developing feelings for one another and get engaged. Eun-soo's dad dies. The next day, some thugs try to kill Chang-ho but he suddenly remembers his real identity, Hyeun-woo and leaves the house.

Eun-soo returns to see that Chang-ho has left her. Hyeun-woo takes over their company. after a time, Eun-soo goes to find work at the Global Company. she sees Chang-ho and wonders why everyone calls him Hyeun-woo.

(source : Soompi)

a year later.. one year late.. n one year later.. hehhe..
but what can i said bout this drama.. hurm.. this drama is worth to watch.. quite sad sometimes.. dunno how they can cried a lot.. in front camera.. in front many crews... geez.. they are superb.. like Junki cried alot in My Girl.. poor Junki..

i like d house.. cant imagine when spring season..

geez.. love to see flower when springtime.. ^^;

like d Ost too..
this song u guys can dload.. Give My Love (Korean version) by Soo Ho Sung
if u guys still not watch this drama.. i recommend u guys to dload..
weLL.. take care guys..
thanks 4 support me all this time..

Save the last dance 4 me, wiLL u? (n_n)v


manjlara said...

sana junki, sini junki...everywhere
pon junki kat blog mafiakecik ni
ek? hehehe really crazy abt him ye...

amoi said...

hahhaa.. tu la.. he spread his virus to me.. :p
'bad' junki!! (n_n)v